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Perfect Duo

Perfect Duo

Hey, nice to meet you! You have started to plan your wedding and we are so happy that you are here.

We are a couple married for 20+ years that love to travel, explore places with our two teenagers daughters and our cute little dog Molly( she is with us everywhere, except for the weddings). We love the snow and going to the mountains, the beach, and concerts. We love gathering these moments, and that's how our journey as a videographer and photographer began.

In our lives, every moment has a story behind it, and this is what we love to bring to our films and photos, and we would love to capture yours!

we love to capture memories

Capturing the moments of today that will wow your heart tomorrow

Capturing the moments of today that will wow your heart tomorrow

Since I was a little girl it was easy to find myself leafing through family albums. I loved looking at every detail, the outfits, furniture, and expressions of each family member and I kept imagining what was happening in each photo, those ‘candid shots’, just as if it were a story.

These are my first memories of my passion for photography. When I moved to the USA I brought a suitcase full of albums, I could never part with them, they tell my story. But it was when our first daughter was born that I bought my first professional camera and went to study photography. I knew that from then on I would have many moments to register. Little did I know that my journey as a photographer had just begun.

From that moment on, choosing to photograph weddings was easy. Combining my love of photography, storytelling, capturing emotions and the couple's connection is so fascinating to me. 

hey! I'm Elaine

meet leandro

It's so hard to talk about myself. I’m the biggest technology and travel guy, you can find me researching for hours for new gear or at the next camping ground near a national park to explore with my family. Married to a wedding photographer for over 20 years, who makes us a great duo. We are always together.

when I was a teenager I used to record fun stuff from my family with the big and old fashioned VHS, then edited it to watch with all my family on Christmas Eve. I’m so grateful for all the editing software that we have now. lol!
I've shot more than 500 weddings over the years, and what fascinates me the most is that each one of them is unique. Storytelling is my favorite.
By the way you can call me Leo (much easier).

hey! I'm leandro

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Golden Hour

the best time of day

We love natural light and the Golden hour is by far my favorite time to photograph my engagement sessions. Why? Because the sun is low in the sky and it gives off a dreamy look. Perfect for snapping the most magical, soft, and romantic photos.

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engagement sessions

we also love capturing

Engagement sessions are a great way to help couples get used to being in front of the camera, and comfortable around us. They are great for getting photos for your save the dates, sign-in books or as framed displays at your reception—and they’re a beautiful reminder of the time before you were Mr. & Mrs.!

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Album, Print & Wall Art

favorite things

These are likely the first time you have had professional images taken together. They are memories that will last forever. These are the same memories you would want to share with everyone, including future generations to come and are the start of your journey as a family. We believe that your images are meant to be seen, shared, and enjoyed with your loved ones.

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let's talk about the details of your special day!

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Are we a match?

Are we a match?